Welcome to JAS Building Blocks Counseling
Welcome to JAS Building Blocks Counseling

Individual Counseling

Life can be full of problems, anxieties, dead-end situations, stressors leading to distress, or feelings of emptiness. During your individual counseling sessions, we can help you to explore, understand, act, and learn coping strategies germaine to your particular situation. Working in concert through the four stages of counseling, while emboldening your courage to address your situation with purpose, you will find and take charge of the power within you to initiate positive changes in your life. 

Where can individual counseling help?

  • Personal enrichment
  • Self-determination
  • Dealing with depression and anxiety
  • Dealing with loss and trauma
  • Coping with stress before it becomes distress

How does it work?

We guide, support, nurture, and sometimes challenge you along the path to better mental health.  As you come to honestly know yourself learning will happen. Together with you, we develop the steps and daily tools necessary to initiate positive personal growth. This is how we do it:

  • Discuss current problems or goals
  • Identify early problem-solving skills
  • Examine patterns of relating to others
  • Develop goal-oriented strategies
  • Assess personal resources
  • Learn tools and techniques for changing old patterns of behavior and implementing decisions and choices


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03:00 pm - 08:00 pm

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Counseling appointments outside of regular hours if requested may be accommodated.





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